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Elizabeth Tippens


Elizabeth Tippens known as "Tippens" is a Senior and has been doing theatre at Langley for the last 4 years. She will be attending Emerson College next year to Study Stage and Production Management. She has previously directed, stage-managed, and acted in many other Saxon stage shows such as Murder on the Orient Express and Freaky Friday. She was formerly president of the Langley chapter of the International Thespian Society and a Cappies critic on the Langley team. As a lifelong Percy Jackson fan it's been her dream to put on this how and she could not be more freaktful for thShe would like to thank her amazing cast and crew for helping bring this show to life. Everyone has worked so hard to bring this show together and she hopes everybody enjoys it!




Celeste Deale
Choreographer/Stage Manager


Celeste Deale is a (now graduated) senior at Langley. Despite spending three years in the theater program here, this is her first Saxon Stage production. Prior to this production, she spent thirteen years as a pre-professional ballet dancer under former dancers from American Ballet Theater, Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Washington Ballet, and the Bolshoi Ballet before "retiring" (quitting) at age sixteen. Thirteen years and all she has to show for it is a massive therapy invoice, a couple hooks in her ankle, premature arthritis, abnormal flexibility that will make any non-dancer say "hey, that isn't human," and this production. She would like to thank her parents for their flexibility and understanding as well as her cast and crew. She sincerely thanks them for enduring her incessant screaming and yelling during rehearsals. Finally, she would like to thank both Elizabeth Tippens and Mr. Kaufman for introducing her to this side of the stage and for just being amazing people in general.

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Amanda Mullins
Vocal Director


Amanda Mullins is a recently graduated senior from Langley high school. While she hasn't acted in a few years she loves participating in LHS theatre classes. Outside of theatre, she plays Bass, Guitar, and Sings for the Vienna School of Rock. She is also the lead vocalist in Love Trip and has released her own song songs spotify. Next year she will be attending Berklee College of Music to study contemporary song writing and production. She hopes everyone enjoys the show!

Izzy Steenburgh
Stage Manager


Isabella “Izzy” Steenburgh is a freshman at Langley High School. This is her fifth Saxon Stage production, with her most recent shows being Freaky Friday and The Second Date. The Percy Jackson books were Izzy’s childhood, so she is absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this adaptation. She would like to thank Tippens for being an incredible role model and director, Celeste for being a great stage manager/choreographer, and peanut butter crackers for keeping alive during rehearsal. Izzy would also like to thank the cast for being so welcoming and hard working. She hopes everyone enjoys the show!

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Andy Powell
Sound Designer

(any pronouns)

Andy Powell is a Sophomore at Langley, and this is their 4th production with Saxon Stage. They originally started with more Broadcast oriented tech but have since become more theater-focused. They’d like to thank the entire crew for their amazing work on the show and they hope you enjoy the show.

Jenny Mears
Sound Crew

(any pronouns)

Jenny Mears is a freshman at Langley and has had an amazing time with Saxon Stage this year! She is thankful for all the opportunities given to her and for all the people who have helped along the way. She would like to thank Tippens for being a role model for her this year <3 and also to her parents for always waiting in the parking lot after rehearsals everyday when she says she'll be done in 5 minutes and it takes 20 :).

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Leo Rose
Sound Crew


Leo Rose is a sophomore at Langley and has been doing theater for almost five years. This will be his third show at Saxon Stage. He’s been acting since the fifth grade and has done theater both inside and outside of school. He’s had numerous roles throughout his theater career, starring in shows such as Next to Normal, Rock of Ages, and various shows by Synetic Theater. His hobbies outside of theater include visiting art mediums, singing and songwriting, guitar and watching horror movies. He’s super excited to be a part of this show and many more to come!

Cassie Keating
Lighting Designer


Cassie Keating is a junior who is currently in her third year of Saxon Stage. She loves theatre and has worked on lights and set construction for many past productions. In her free time, Cassie enjoys dancing with Langley Color Guard, playing the contra-alto clarinet, and producing shows with the outside theatre company Teen Ensemble. She hopes everyone enjoys the show!

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Erin Young
Spotlight Operator


Erin Young is a sophomore and this is her fourth show working backstage with the lighting crew this year! She is very excited to be apart of this musical and would like to thank the cast and crew for their hard work during rehearsals. She sincerely hopes that everyone enjoys the show!

Atlas Zecca


Atlas Zecca is a freshman interested in theatric arts and designs. He would also like to thank everyone for coming to the shows.​​

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Ella Smith
Costume Designer


Ella Smith is a senior at Langley and will be attending Elon University for undergrad. She has been a part of Saxon Stage for four years and has done a total of 13 shows including Biloxi Blues, Mamma Mia, and of course, Lightning Thief. She would like to thank her parents for supporting her in her endeavors, even though they are math people and don't really know what she does. She would also like to thank the crew for their fluidity and the cast for their willingness to bring things in. She hopes that you look forward to the show!

Rey Eiras
Hair/Makeup Designer



Rey Eiras is a senior at Langley High School, this is their 9th and final performance for Saxon Stage. They are going to CU Boulder in the fall to double major in psychology and ethnic studies, they also plan to continue doing theatre and continue doing hair and makeup. Rey has been in Saxon Stage every year of high school and has done stage management, props and many more things. They can’t wait to finish their theatre career here at Langley with this amazing show. They would like to thank Lily Bowers, for taking over the makeup department next year, Ethan Colabatistto for telling them that this production existed and last but not least the AMAZING ELIZABETH TIPPENS for being an amazing stage manager (now director).

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Lily Bowers
Hair/Makeup Crew


Lily Bowers is a freshman at Langley high school and has been doing theater for almost 7 years! She went to a theater summer camp from 3rd-6th grade called the Theater Lab, which started their interest in theater. They started taking the theater class in 6th grade and has been doing that ever since, including taking tech theater in 8th grade for a semester. She was in props, run crew, and makeup crews for this years shows.  They hope everyone enjoys the show!

Teddy Spaner


Teddy Spaner is a senior at Langley High School who has been a part of Saxon Stage for the last 4 years. He has completed a wide range of designs, including, but not limited to, set, lights, sound, and projections. Outside of theatre, Teddy enjoys playing violin, learning new subjects, and working as a barista at Starbucks. He has had an excellent time with Saxon Stage and looks forward to attending UVA to study Physics next year. 

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Killian Korchnak


Killian Korchnak is a sophomore but has been doing theatre since 5th grade. He started out as an actor but started doing tech work during 7th grade. He has experience doing run crew, stage managing, and he has now settled into construction. Enjoy the show!

Ethan Colabatistio 
Props Master


Ethan is a Junior at Langley. Ethans's first show was Guys and Dolls and although the production didn’t end up going on, he still makes efforts in theatre and tech. Last year he was the video editor for The Party Hop and helped with various other virtual productions through the year.  When he's not making cool sounds for saxon stage, he can be found building computers, working at Starbucks, and streaming on Twitch.

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Conner Tone
Backstage Crew


Conner Tone is a sophomore at Langley High school, and this is his fourth show doing tech. He’s really excited about the show and would like to thank the rest of the crew for being awesome. Enjoy the show!

Scarlett Spano
Backstage Crew


Scarlett Spano is a sophomore at Langley and is in her second year of theatre. She enjoyed being in the wonderful one-act 26 pebbles and as an assistant stage manager for Murder on the Orient Express. She also gives a big thank you to her family and especially her parents for picking her up at crazy times and aiding her in this adventure. She is thrilled for any productions in the future!

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Jacqueline Gauthier
Scenic Painting


Jacqueline Gauthier is a sophomore and this is her third show at Langley! She participated in all four of her shows at her middle school, but due to covid wasn’t involved during her freshman year. She has worked on stage management and shift crews before, and is excited to be a part of making the sets. She plays soccer for Langley and is a part of the Creativity Works Club.

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