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Conor Farah
Percy Jackson


Conor Farah is a junior and has been working at Saxon Stage since 6th grade. He loves playing chess backstage and listening to music on his audio system at home. He’s incredibly excited for you to see the show. A wise man once said, “The Lightning Thief wasn’t built in a day,” … he was right, we had at least 3.




Tess Jannery-Barney
Annabeth Chase


​Tess Jannery-Barney is a junior at Langley and is so excited to be a part of The Lightning Thief! She would like to thank the cast and crew for all of their jokes, hard work, and help, especially Tippens, Celeste, Amanda, and Izzy for putting this show together from the first beginning. Tess is a member of Saxon Scribes, a new ITS officer, and a captain of Langley Improv’s Assembly Required and Saxon Stage After Hours playwriting/directing group. Tess is also directing and performing in a musical she wrote, Static: Noise of a New Musical, at the Capital Fringe Festival in D.C. this July. She’s so happy to close out the school year by performing with her friends and hopes everyone enjoys The Lightning Thief!

tess percy jackson.JPG

Claire Stephenson
Grover Underwood


Claire Stephenson is a senior at Langley High School. They will be attending the University of Massachusetts in the fall to study Speech Pathology. Claire has been involved in musical theater since the 2nd grade and has been involved in 16+ musicals. Some of her favorite roles include Scuttle in the Little Mermaid, Finch in Newsies, and Pinocchio in Shrek. They would like to thank their Mom, Dad, and Brothers for dealing with all the late tech nights and being so supportive, and her Stage Door Fine Arts family in Illinois for teaching her to love theater. Miss you guys!!!! She can’t wait for everyone to see this amazing show and welcomes everyone back to the theater! 

Eli Roberts 
Mr. D/Poseidon


Elias Roberts is a junior at Langley and this is his 6th Langley production as a performer. Previously, he has played characters such as Monsieur Bouc in Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express". Elias plays the guitar and is the lead singer as well as the drummer for his band "The Red Blueberries" ( on Instagram) and hopes to release music by September of 2022. This summer, Elias will be attending a month-long acting conservatory at Yale to better his acting skills for college auditions and his senior year productions at Langley. Elias thanks his fellow castmates and wonderful directors: Tippens and Celeste, for bringing this wonderful musical to completion in such a conserved amount of time. Lastly, Eli would like to confirm the rumors that he is, in fact, 6'7".

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diorio percy jackson headshot.JPG

Talia-Rose Diorio
Sally Jackson/Charon


Talia-Rose is a junior here at Langley High School. She began acting in 2017 and since then has starred in many school productions as well as in roles outside of school. Her most recent roles include Casey Pinerider in Ash Baxter, and Nancy in the Party Hop, Bobbi in Your Carving Footprint, and now Dr. Ehrin in Freaky Friday! Talia performed in Vienna's Playwriting Festival and worked as Head of Scenic Painting for Murder on The Orient Express as well as 26 Pebbles. Talia is on Langley’s improv team "Assembly Required". In her spare time, she likes to run cross country, paint, run 3 clubs, and write her own work. She would like to thank everyone for their hard work and to the management team for their dedication to the show!! She would like to yell at Tippens for picking a show that feeds her fandom addiction. We love you seniors we are going to miss you!!

Tiffany Bennett
Luke Castellan/Ares


In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that Tiffany Bennet, senior at Langley High School, has been lying to us all. While some assumed her to be blonde after starring as Ms. Hubbard in Langley’s Production of Murder on the Orient Express, and others assumed ginger during rehearsals for Freaky Friday, we have recently been informed that her natural hair is, in fact, brunette. Despite her innumerable lies and half-truths, she has (allegedly) been involved in theater for about ten years, both in and out of school. After featuring in her breakout role as Donkey from Shrek, Tiffany has continued her theater career in shows with roles such as Clopin in Hunchback of Notre Dame, Allie in Mamma Mia, and various other Saxon Stage Productions. She plans to continue pursuing the arts at UCF after graduation and looks forward to making her last show here at Langley a success, regardless of what color her hair may end up next.

bennett percy jackson headshot.JPG
spiller percy jackson headshot.JPG

Lily Spiller


Lily Spiller is a senior at Langley High school and has been in several Saxon stage productions as well as designer positions for production posters including Freaky Friday. She plans to study either Graphic Design or Game Design at Savannah College of Art and Design next year. She would like the thank her cast, crew, and director, for their patience and hard work these last few weeks!

Siannen Keough
Clarisse LaRue/Mrs. Dodds


Siannen Keough is a senior at Langley high school and has been doing theatre for almost 10 years. After years of having unnamed roles she has finally found her niche…… the mean girl. After hearing the joke “oh so you just have to be yourself then *badum chhh*” over one thousand times, Siannen has learned to embrace her niche and be the witchiest witch there ever was. Acting is Siannen’s passion and true love. She will be attending George Mason University in the fall and will major in Global Affairs and minor in Korean. She would like to thank her dog for existing and her family for supporting her. Thank you for reading and enjoy the show!!

keough percy jackson headshot.JPG
knecht percy jackson headshot.JPG

Catherine Knecht
The Oracle


Catherine Knecht is a Junior at Langley High School and this is her 6th project with Saxon Stage. Along with theater she is heavily involved with Langley choir and loves music and the environment. She is so happy to be working with such a talented group of people and is so excited for this show to go on. She would especially like to thank the director, Elizabeth Tippens, for all of her passion, hard work, and kindness throughout this whole production. She would also like to thank The choreographer, Celeste Deale, for all of her contributions to the show, and Talia-Rose Diorio for making rehearsals so much fun! She’s so excited to be a part of this and hopes everyone enjoys!

Keiko Tani
Gabe Ugliano/Mozart/Other


Keiko is a Senior at Langley High School and has been acting, singing, and dancing since she can remember. She is thrilled to be finishing off her high school theatre career in The Lightning Thief. Keiko would like to thank the cast and crew of The Lightning Thief for their hard work and enthusiasm during the production.

tani percy jackson headshot.JPG
2022-06-03 (7)_edited.jpg

Keya Umesh
Katie Gardner/Medusa/Other


Keya Umesh is a junior at Langley High School. She has been studying dance and piano for 11 years, and currently studies voice at the International School of Music. She is an officer for Langley's International Thespian Society, a member of Langley's Cappies Critics team, and was obsessed with Percy Jackson in elementary school…so she couldn’t resist being a part of this musical. She would like to thank Elizabeth, Celeste, Amanda, the rest of the cast, and the crew for pulling off such an incredible show in under 3 weeks!

Julia Toloczko
Thalia Grace/Squirrel/Other


Julia Toloczko (pronounced TUH-LAH-SS-KOH) is a senior at Langley. She has been a part of the theater program at Langley since her freshman year, and can’t believe her high school theater career is over! Some of Julia’s favorite shows from her Saxon Stage career have been Mamma Mia!, Romeo and Juliet, and 26 Pebbles. Julia is also the captain/founder of Langley’s improv team, Assembly Required. When not acting, Julia swims (fly and back, generally) on Langley’s varsity swim team. Julia would like to thank the cast and crew of Freaky Friday for their hard work, and hopes that you enjoy the show!

toloczko percy jackson headshot.JPG
hilton percy jackson headshot.JPG

Sarah Hilton
Silena Beauregard/Newscaster/Other


Sarah Hilton is a junior at Langley High School and this is her sixth Langley production as a performer. This has been a very unique experience working with only her upperclassmen peers and she looks forward to similar opportunities in the future. She would like to thank the director Elizabeth Tippens for all the work that she has put into our shows throughout the years and she hopes that she’s able to go out with a bang with this final production.

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