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Conor Farah (he/him)

Sheridan Whiteside

Conor Farah is a Senior at Langley High School and has been doing shows at Saxon Stage since 6th grade. Conor really likes long walks on the beach, annoying his friends with random physics facts, and occasionally participating in some theatre (ikr he's utterly hilarious). He was the first person to introduce rainbow loom in his elementary school because he's awesome like that. He really hopes you enjoy watching him try to act 4x his age for the second time at Saxon Stage.

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Sarah Hilton (she/her)

Maggie Cutler

Sarah Hilton is a senior at Langley High School and is thrilled to be participating in her last play at Langley. She has performed and done tech for 9 shows at Langley and loves her Saxon Stage family. She has greatly enjoyed the play process so far and has utilized method acting for her role as a Conor Farah hater. She would like to thank BK and her amazing cast and crew for all of their hard work and she hopes everyone enjoys the show!

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Nico Morandi-Zerpa (they/them)

Mr. Ernest Stanley

Nico Morandi-Zerpa is a senior at Langley High School, and this is their second year doing Saxon Stage. They have performed in several shows such as Murder on the Orient Express and Freaky Friday, and have a passion for dinosaurs, psychology, and music. Nico’s most recent performance was in Static: Noise of a New Musical as Charlie Oscar, directed by the actor playing Mrs. Stanley, Tess! Nico would like to thank their family, friends, and loving partner, as well as Mr. Kaufman and the cast & crew. Enjoy the show!

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Tess Jannery-Barney (she/her)

Mrs. Stanley

Tess Jannery-Barney is a senior and is so excited to be a part of The Man Who Came to Dinner! She is also a part of After Hours, Assembly Required, Cappies, and ITS. In her free time, Tess loves writing, hiking, and baking. She wants to thank all of the cast and crew and hopes everyone enjoys the show!

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Iona Cadenazzi (she/her)

Richard Stanley

Iona Cadenazzi is a senior at Langley High School. She has been a part of Langley Saxon Stage since her junior year and was a part of tech for three main stage productions. She now super excited to do her first acting role in Saxon Stage as Richard in The Man Who Came To Dinner. She very much hopes you enjoy the show and continue to support Langley Saxon Stage! She would like to extend special thanks to her mom, Nico, Siy, Apurvaa and all her fellow costars for welcoming her and making the experience so much fun.

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Keya Umesh (she/her)

June Stanley

Keya Umesh is a senior at Langley! She has been acting since elementary school and has participated in numerous Saxon Stage and Alden Theatre productions including playing Ash Baxter in Ash Baxter and Sally in 26 Pebbles. In her free time, she studies dance, piano, and voice. She is an officer for Langley's International Thespian Society and is a member of Langley's Cappies Critics team. She would like to thank Mr. Kaufman, the cast, and the crew for putting together such an amazing show and hopes that you enjoy it!

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Scarlett Spano (she/her)

Lorraine Sheldon

Scarlett Spano, a junior, train flipper specialist, and most importantly comedic genius, is so excited to be working on her 5th show with Saxon stage! This is her fourth time exploring being on the stage but she will never forget her time with the techies as a gopher. She is so thankful for all of the wonderful people who made this happen but most thankful to her family, mom Jennifer Webb (go mom!), acting coach Sarah Kunk and the stage managers. Outside of theatre, Scarlett loved to sing and hang out with her best friends. She is so happy to have gotten the chance to work on this show and hopes you enjoy!!

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Ethan Bhatia (he/him)

Bert Jefferson

Ethan Bhatia is a senior at Langley. In his four years in theater he’s been a part of productions like 26 Pebbles and Romeo and Juliet, and more recently enjoyed competing for Langley at the International Thespian Festival. Outside of theatre, Ethan is part of Langley’s debate and Model UN teams. He also loves following the NBA and watching movies (let him know if you have any recommendations). Ethan has really enjoyed putting together this show, and is excited to perform!

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Lorna Elizabeth Evans (she/her)

Beverly Carlton/Prof. Metz & June Understudy

Lorna Evans is a sophomore at Langley High School and this is her 2nd production she's been in at Langley. Overall, she's been in 6 different shows and did run crew for one of them. This year, she is acting, understudying, and doing costumes crew! In the free time she has, she does competitive ballroom dance and loves to sing, play instruments, write, and draw! She would like to thank her friends, her family, the cast and crew, and of course, Mr. Kaufman, for all the opportunities she's been given and the amazing work done for the show this year. She hopes you enjoy the play as much as she has enjoyed acting these past 5 years and hopefully you come back to see another production sometime soon!

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Brady Kastner (he/him)


Brady Kastner is a Junior at Langley High School. He has been acting for around 8 years and this is his 5th show at Langley. He has understudied for Hercule Poirot, Arbuthnot, and Bouc for Murder on the Orient Express. He was Officer Kowalski in Freaky Friday. He led as Simon in the student written production Your Carving Footprint. He has been in 26 pebbles, The Crimson House Murder, Wagon Wheels A Rollin, Marry Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, and Played Dogsbreath in Dogsbreath Deveroaux The Dasterdly Docter. He is in Langley improv team “Assembly Required” and the play writing and production club “After hours”. He wants you, specifically, to enjoy the show!

murchison headshot.jpg

Katie Murchison (she/they)

Miss Preen

Katie is a junior at Langley and this is the 13th show that she has acted in! Their most recent roles include Hannah/dance captain in Freaky Friday and Mary in the Party Hop. She also has experience with construction, painting, and run crew. Outside of theatre, they are the soprano section leader in choir, president of the ASL club, and a writer for After Hours. She draws, paints, sews, and animates in her free time. She would like to thank her castmates, BK, the tech members, and her family for making it possible for her to perform for you today and she hopes you enjoy the show!

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Cayla Freedlander (she/her)


Cayla Freedlander is currently a junior at Langley and loves all things theater. She has been acting since 2014, her favorite roles being Wayne (Puffs), Ms. Hannigan (Annie), and Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the Pooh). She's had so much fun participating in rehearsals and looks forward to being onstage today! In her free time, Cayla loves voice acting, drawing, and baking, as well as playing with her cat. She'd like to thank her family and friends for being so amazing and supportive, plants for keeping humanity alive, and her sparkly disco pen for being really cool. Enjoy the show!!

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Neev Poran (he/him)


Neev Poran is a junior at Langley High. In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends, watch movies, and listen to music. He is thankful to be in this show.

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Joana Lima Alves Montenegro (she/her)

Harriet Stanley

Joana is a sophomore at Langley High School, and she is really excited to be playing Harriet Stanley in this production of the Man Who Came To Dinner. Since 2018, she spends most of her time on stage and some of her most recent roles include Daisy in Murder on the Orient Express, and Mrs Time in Freaky Friday. She was also a troupe member of UTP Improv in the 2021-2022 season. When she’s not acting, though, Joana loves to draw, write, and read romantic comedies. Finally, Joana wants to thank Mr Kaufman for this amazing opportunity, as well as the cast and crew for all the amazing work they put into this production. She hopes everyone can sit back, get ready to laugh, and enjoy the show!

kristensen headshot.jpg

Nick Kristensen (he/him)

Dr. Bradley

Nick Kristensen is a senior at Langley High School. This is his seventh theater production and his first speaking role in a full length play since joining Saxon Stage. He has played roles such as a wild west prospector named Dusty, a pirate in Peter Pan, and an ensemble member in Romeo and Juliet. He was also a member of the props crew for last years Murder on the Orient Express. Alongside being in Saxon Stage, Nick is also a member of the school's rowing team and orchestra, where he plays the cello. He hopes you all enjoy the show as much as he enjoyed being a part of it.

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Josephin Friedrich (she/her)

Mrs. McCutcheon/Whiteside Understudy

Josephin Friedrich is a Sophomore at Langley High School. She was a Featured Dancer last year for the spring musical, Freaky Friday and Asst. Head of House for Murder on the Orient Express. When she isn‘t at rehearsal, she enjoys horse-back riding, reading, and playing games with her family! She wants to thank her parents for being her chauffeurs after school on rehearsal night, and her horse and dog for emotional support. She‘s very proud of this production, and hopes you enjoy the show!

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Sophia Colaiacovo Flanders (she/her)

Mrs. Dexter/Lorraine Sheldon Understudy

Sophia Colaiacovo Flanders is a freshman, and this is her first time performing with Saxon Stage! She began her acting career back in 2016 and has consistently participated in various plays, musicals, and other theatrical productions throughout the years. From the Lion King to Rock of Ages, Sophia is thankful for all of the wonderful memories she has acquired through theatre over these past few years. She would like to send a special thank you to her family for their patience and cooperation, despite the stubborn traffic and last-minute schedule changes. She's also grateful for all that Mr. Kaufman has taught her so far and all of the crew's hard work. Sophia sincerely hopes that you enjoy watching the show as much as she did performing in it!

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Jacqueline Gauthier (she/her)

Professor Metz/Ensemble

Jacqueline Gauthier is a junior at Langley High School! She was a part of crew last year as an ASM and a co-head of Scenic Painting for Murder on the Orient Express and Freaky Friday respectively. She is also a part of Langley's soccer team as a goalkeeper, and likes to draw and listen to podcasts in her free time. She's very excited about this play and acting for the first time at Langley! Make sure to keep an eye out for the elusive Periplaneta Americana during the play.......

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Eli Roberts (he/him)

Sandy/Jefferson Understudy

Elias is a senior at Langley! He began his acting career in 2016 and has been in many productions. Elias spent his summer at the Summer Conservatory for Actors at Yale. He is also the lead singer and drummer for his band “Red Blueberries”. Listen to his latest work, “With-Out”, on all streaming platforms.

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Wesley Smith (he/him)

Expressman/Mr. Stanley & Banjo Understudy

Wesley Smith is a freshman at Langley High School. He began acting in elementary school and things just continued from there. His most recent roles are Edmund Ridinghorn III in The Alibis and Dennis Dupree in Rock of Ages. In his free time, he likes to play video games and play volleyball. He hopes that you enjoy the show and he wants to thank his family for putting up with him.

carter headshot.JPG

Ava Carter (she/her)

Westcott/Maggie Cutler Understudy

Ava Carter is a freshman at Langley, but she has been involved in theater since she was in elementary school. She found her love for performing in 3rd grade, when she was in the class play, "Dig It," as Lucy. Since then, she's been in multiple drama clubs, community theaters, and school productions. Some of the shows she has starred in include The Addams Family, Rock of Ages, and Little Shop of Horrors. In her free time, she loves to play softball, sleep, and binge-watch The Good Place. She would like to thank Mr. Kaufman for being a FABULOUS director, her parents for driving her to and from countless rehearsals, her friends for supporting her through the ups and downs of theater, and her brother Adam for coming to all her shows. Ava loves to travel and hopes to visit Australia one day.

meka headshot .jpg

Sanika Meka (she/her)

Mrs. Baker/Mrs. Stanley & Miss Preen Understudy

Sanika Meka is a freshman, so this is her first show in Langley High School! This is Sanika's first show (other than the one she did in 3rd grade), so its a very exciting and totally new experience for her! Sanika has also doubled up as a member of tech crew, doing construction. Sanika has loved the experience of meeting many lovely and welcoming new people, trying new things out, and finally being part of the cast in one of Langley High School's theatre show! Apart from theatre, Sanika enjoys playing piano, basketball, writing, engineering, and other creative activities. Sanika is so grateful she got to work along with the entire cast and crew as well as appear in this show, and she is excited to perform what the entire team has been working on!