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"Sheridan Whiteside —critic, lecturer, wit, radio orator, an intimate friend of the great and near great— having dined at the home of the Stanleys, slips on their doorstep and breaks his hip.  The result is a tumultuous six weeks of confinement. Possibility: "Christmas may be postponed this year." So runs the lead article in the Christmas 1939 issue of Time magazine. Whiteside turns the Stanley household upside down, forcing everyone in town to cater to his egotistical demands. Meanwhile, his essential secretary has given her notice after falling in love with a local reporter, and Whiteside must engage every weapon in his considerable arsenal of guile and manipulation to keep her in his employ—including blackmail, deceit, and the intervention of the fading sexpot actress Lorraine Sheldon and the elegant British wit of playwright Beverly Carlton. A three-ring circus of machinations and celebrity appearances ensues."


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Each year it’s always an adventure when choosing the theatre season. Everyone has their favorite shows that they want to be in, produce, see, etc. We at Saxon Stage are looking for a season that can challenge our students but also cultivate an environment that allows our students to express their creativity through performance both on and off stage. Our first production of the season challenges the students with their comedic skills in a farce setting and allows our technical theatre students to create a “realistic world” for the performers to play in.


This year's season is about laughter, love, listening, and relationships. Yes, it sounds like a lot but this is encompassed throughout our theatre season.

The Man Who Came To Dinner, is a great way to start our season with laughter. While we may find that the main character can be rude and high maintenance, throughout this story we see that “Sherry” does have a soft side and wants to be loved by his friends. I love this story because there are so many fun and energetic characters that we met throughout the story.  


I will answer this question now, “No, George S. Kaufman and I are not related.” However, if I were in college or high school, of course, I would have said he was my great uncle. 


I am so proud of this year’s Saxon Stage group. They have worked so hard, and have taken great ownership of this production. We are always learning and I think they are creating an environment that is welcoming and allowing their peers to share their talents no matter what area that is on and off stage.


Without further ado sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful production. And keep this line in your mind, “You’ll never know the trouble you have caused.”


Mr. Brian Kaufman

Theatre Director
Saxon Stage


Elise Kaufman

Principal Kim Greer

Assistant Principal Richard Deivert

Assistant Principal Wayne Biernesser

Cindy Bradley

Fine Arts Department

Caroline Player

Jill Farah

Jennifer Webb

Eric Steenburgh

Eric Tone

Pamela Fox

Karen DeFilipps

Blake Tippens

To all that donated anything

Senior Class '22

Theatre Arts & Tech Theatre Classes

Paul & Rosalie Kaufman

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