Elizabeth Tippens


Hey, y'all - my name is Elizabeth Tippens. I've been the ITS president for 2 years. I'm a 17-year-old senior and I've been a part of Langley Theatre for all 4 years of school. Outside of theatre, I'm a manager of the Ice Hockey team, the announcer for JV and Varsity Softball, a Cappies critic, and really enjoy history. Fun fact: My favorite Marvel movie is Venom. Let's make this a great year!

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Siannen Keough


Hi! I’m Siannen Keough (Shannon key-oh), a senior at Langley as well as your swag new secretary! I’ve been doing theatre since I was in 3rd grade and I want to continue for the rest of my life! Outside of theatre, I play for and manage Langley Hockey, work two jobs, and try to be a functional member of society. I’m very excited about all the new opportunities we have this year! I can’t wait to see y’all in school again!! Hail Saxons 💚⭐️💚


Keiko Tani

Social Media & Communications Manager

Hello everyone! I'm Keiko Tani. I'm a senior at Langley High School and have been a part of Saxon Stage for all four years! I'm thrilled to be an officer for the International Thespian Society this year! I've been acting, singing, and dancing my whole life and have enjoyed every second at Saxon Stage. 

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Teddy Spaner


Hey everyone! I’m Teddy and I’m a senior at Langley. I currently serve as the treasurer and technical advisor for the International Thespian Society, along with working as a set, lighting, and sound designer. I sincerely enjoy using unique mediums to convey emotions and tones in my own personal creative manner, and I hope that I am able to bring that out through my designs. When I am not working on theatre, I also play violin in the philharmonic orchestra and manage the varsity volleyball team. In the future, I hope to study physics and philosophy at a major research institution, with the end goal of delving into the intricacies of the nature of reality. Thanks for taking the time to read this through and I wish everyone an amazing year! 

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Julia Toloczko 

Co Events Chair

Hey everyone, I’m Julia Toloczko (please spell my name right, this will be on the test) and I’m co-chair of events on the ITS council this year! I am also the captain of our improv team “Assembly Required” and I’ve been in Langley Theatre and ITS since I was a freshman. Other than theatre, I swim and dive and love to read and crochet. I kinda skate but I am really bad so far. Feel free to come to me any time with questions or just to chat!

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Keya Umesh

Co Events Chair

Hello! My name is Keya Umesh and I’m a junior! I’m extremely excited and honored to be a member of this year’s ITS board. I’ve been a part of Saxon Stage for three years and am a Cappies Critic. Outside of theatre, I’m a part of Langley’s Track & Field team. I also love to play the piano, dance, and sing! I’m looking forward to the great year ahead of us