Happy Summer Saxons

See you all next year!

Welcome Old & New Members

Josie Amspaugh
Tiffany Bennet*
Ethan Bhatia
Samantha Brunjes
Charlotte Carbaugh
Eva Cardenas
Pranav Choudhary*
Danielle Delaney 
Talia-Rose Diorio
Conor Farah
Caroline Fox
Richard Frye*
Abie Haile
Anna Hartzell


Sarah Hilton
Tess Jannery-Barney
Ryan Jones*
Tavian Jones*
Erin Kearns*
Siannen Keough*
Meghan Klumpp
Catherine Knecht
Kira Lentz*
Kate Moore*
Mary Muir*
Amanda Mullins*
Eli Roberts
Alexander Rubin*
Gabby Sanchez
Cristina Sayegh*

Ella Smith*
Jay Spahn*
Teddy Spaner*
Lily Spiller*
David Sun
Keiko Tani*
Michael Thomas
Elizabeth Tippens*
Julia Toloczko*
Abhaya Tyrka
Keya Umesh
Sara Walker
Kendall Wilson*
Kate Wilson*

*Stars indicate this year's seniors

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Saxon Stage

Saxon Stage is the main stage production company at Langley High School. Some previous shows include Romeo & Juliet, Mamma Mia, Gypsy, Biloxi Blues, Evita, & More! The Director of Saxon Stage is the wonderful Mr. Brian Kaufman.

To learn more about Saxon Stage, visit the website.