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Welcome Back Saxons

We're so excited to get started!

Welcome Old & New Members

Ethan Bhatia*

Lily Bowers

Annabelle Bozarth

Evey Burnette

Iona Cadenazzi*

Eva Cardenas*

Ava Carter

Katie Chen

Hannah Chuh

Anna Cox

Danielle Delaney*

Frankie Diorio
Talia-Rose Diorio*

Catherine Dunn

Lorna Evans
Conor Farah*

Sophia Colaiacovo Flanders

Cayla Freedlander

Josephin Friedrich

Anna Hartzell*

Alina He

Luka He

Sarah Hilton*

Tess Jannery-Barney*

Alex Jia

Abby Joe

Anna Jordan

Brady Kastner

Cassie Keating*

Meghan Klumpp*

Catherine Knecht*

Killian Korchnak

Nick Kristensen*

Mia Jonelle Laws

Caroline Mayer

Jenny Mears

Sanika Meka

Joana Lima Alves Montenegro

Katie Murchison

Nico Morandi-Zerpa*

Aaron Pasztor

Neev Poran

Andy Powell

Eli Roberts*

Victoria Scarpato*

Wesley Smith

Scarlett Spano

Izzy Steenburgh

Anna Suh

Ashrya Suri

Conner Tone

Abhaya Tyrka*

Keya Umesh*

Sara Walker*

Lillian Weimer

Erin Young

Atlas Zecca

*Stars indicate this year's seniors

Check out the Saxon Stage Website

Saxon Stage

Saxon Stage is the main stage production company at Langley High School. Some previous shows include The Man Who Came to Dinner, Freaky Friday, Murder on the Orient Express, Romeo & Juliet, Mamma Mia & More! The Director of Saxon Stage is the wonderful Mr. Brian Kaufman.

To learn more about Saxon Stage, visit the website.

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