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Assistant Director

Andy Powell is a Sound Designer and aspiring director. They spent the summer studying Technical Theatre at Interlochen Center for the Arts. This is Andy Powell’s first show in a directorial position and they are looking forward to see everyone’s response.



Stage Manager

Lillian Weimer is a sophomore, and this is her fifth show for Saxon Stage and a part of the stage managment team! She loved working on this production and is so grateful for everyones hard work. She would also like to give a special shout out to Izzy and Daniel for being wonderful to work with. In her free time, she likes to read, watch movies with her dog, eat wheat pizza, and bake. She sincerely hopes everyone enjoys the show!



Stage Manager

Izzy Steenburgh is a sophomore at Langley High School and this is her eighth Saxon Stage production. She would like to clarify that her headshot above is entirely misleading, as she no longer has pink hair and now has a buzz cut. Unfortunately, this is her most recent headshot, so she invites you to use your imagination. Izzy would like to thank Lillian and Daniel for all of their support, Mr. Kaufman for being an amazing director, and the cast for being so hard working. She hopes everyone enjoys the show!


DANIEL QIU (he/him)

Assistant Stage Manager

Daniel Qiu is a sophomore at Langley High School, and this is his second show with Saxon Stage! Daniel was previously a Gopher for The Man Who Came To Dinner, and has previously stage managed 3 productions at his old school, as well as various other roles both on and offstage. He would like to thank Mr. Kaufman, Lillian and Izzy for giving him this wonderful opportunity to be an ASM, as well as the amazing cast and crew of this production. He hopes you enjoys the show! :)

CC01CACD-479A-4C5D-8F6E-6C87EDC63A50 - Jennifer Mears (Student).jpeg


Sound Designer

Jenny Mears is a sophomore at Langley and she has been a part of many saxon stage production, but this is her first as a sound designer. Her work on the show will be presented as their Thespy for the Virginia Thespian Festival. In free time you can find Jenny painting, crocheting or being around her amazing friends. She wants to thank the cast and crew for all their hard work towards this awesome show and of course BK for being the most amazing director! Enjoy the show!!! :)



Lighting Designer/
Construction Head

Cassie is a senior at Langley High School and this is her 9th production with Saxon Stage. Outside of being in theater all the time, she also participates langley’s band and color guard. Cassie wants to thank all of her children for being wonderful through this and every production. She hopes everyone enjoys the show!


ATLAS ZECCA (he/him)

Assistant Lighting Head/

As a music addict with a lot of time to waste, Atlas is proud to be helping out with his 6th show as a Sophomore. Need him at all, you’ll probably find him napping before getting up to run around the school. He thanks his mom for bearing with so many “rehearsals running late, can you pick me up later?” texts, and a lot of last minute scheduled meetings. He thanks his friends for sticking by when staring into the lights would give him a headache. He would like to thank his crew and lighting group, especially Winter and Shae who joined this year, he’s very proud of the hard work they’ve done.




Declan O'Rourke is a Sophomore here at Langley High School. His interest in theatre started in middle school with a technical theatre class. Since then he has worked as a spotlight for two shows. He would like to thank Atlas and Cassie for being such amazing people, and incredible teachers. In his free time he enjoys reading fiction, listening to music, and playing card games. He hopes you enjoy the show.

2022-10-Headshots-530 - Marianna Korchnak (Student).jpg


Set Designer

Killian Korchnak is a junior and this is his fourth production as Construction Head but his second production as Set Designer. He is really excited to continue to grow as a creative but is incredibly grateful for the opportunity of being put into a leadership position. He would like to thank Mr. Kaufman for trusting him with the responsibility of the set shop. He would also like to thank his mother for encouraging him, no matter what he chooses to do. He hopes you can see the hard work the crews put into this awesome production! Enjoy the show!

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