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Scarlett Spano, a junior at Langley High School, is so excited to be working on her 6th production with Saxon Stage! Although this is her fifth time exploring all things on stage, she will never forget her time as an ASM with the techies. She is so thankful to all of the wonderful people who helped make this production happen, but most thankful to her family, especially Jennifer Webb (go mom!!!), the stage managers, and her director Mr. Kaufman. Outside of theatre Scarlett loves to sing and hang out with her best friends. She has grown so much from this show and hopes you enjoy!




Frankie Diorio is a freshman at Langley High School, and this is his first production acting at Saxon Stage. He previously worked on Scenic Painting and Design for The Man Who Came to Dinner, but is glad to be on the stage tonight! His most recent roles have been Franc in the Alibis and Drew Boley from Rock of Ages. In his free time he likes to play basketball, run cross country, and play the drum set. He would like to thank Mr. Kaufman for all his help, his friends for all their support, his parents and his little sister Bella for always encouraging him, and his big sister Talia for introducing him to theater and being his role model, and being all-around the greatest friend ever. 




Brady Kastner is a Junior at Langley High School. He has been acting for around 8 years and this is his 6th show at Langley. He played Banjo in The Man Who Came to Dinner. He has understudied for Hercule Poirot, Arbuthnot, and Bouc for Murder on the Orient Express. He was Officer Kowalski in Freaky Friday. He was Simon in the student written production Your Carving Footprint. He has been in 26 pebbles, The Crimson House Murder, Wagon Wheels A Rollin, Marry Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, and Played Dogsbreath in Dogsbreath Deveroaux The Dasterdly Docter. He is in Langley improv team “Assembly Required” and the play writing and production club “After hours”. He wants you, specifically, to enjoy the show!


TORI RANSOM (she/her)


Tori Ransom is a junior at Langley and this is her third Saxon Stage production. She'd like to thank everyone involved in making the show happen! Enjoy!

0A3AAA36-89C0-491D-8846-34CFF9797670 - Katherine Murchison (Student).jpeg



Katie Murchison is thrilled to be a part of this incredible ensemble of characters in this production of Fortress! This is their fourteenth production as an actor, while also having experience flipping a train on run crew and guiding people through choreography as dance captain. Outside of theatre, she is part of two choirs, a seamstress, and an artist. She would like to thank their 7 incredible castmates, all of the wonderful behind the scenes crew members, Mr. Kaufman, and you, the audience, for making this show possible (and also her vocal chords for withstanding 2 productions in a row as a character who screams). Enjoy the show!

2022-10-Headshots-006 - Annabelle Bozarth (Student).JPG


Annabelle Bozarth is a junior at Langley High School and has been a part of Saxon Stage since her sophomore year. She usually works on the tech crew, but she chose to take a (very large) step out of her comfort zone. She would like to thank the wonderful stage managers, the tech crew and her fellow actors for helping her out and for their hard work and dedication that goes into this show. 





Ian Cadenazzi is a senior at Langley High School and Fortress is her fifth production with Saxon stage as well as her second on stage acting role, with the first being Richard in The Man Who Came To Dinner. Outside of theater, she enjoys writing, drawing, and gaming. She would like to thank all of the cast and crew for being amazing to work with and incredibly fun (especially Andy for being an epic last minute bro) and hopes you enjoy the show! 

CC27E135-2B69-4ACB-8007-30CF7E91CB9A - Conner Tone (Student).jpeg

CONNER TONE (he/him)


Conner Tone is a junior at Langley High school, and this is his 1st show as an actor in Saxon Stage. He’s really excited about the show and would like to thank the amazing crew and the rest of the cast for being awesome. Enjoy the show!

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