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Saxon Stage After Hours

Langley High Schools Student Production and Playwriting Club

Interested in playwriting, directing, editing, or coming up with fresh ideas? Spend some time at After Hours to bring brand new stories to life. 


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More shows are in production. 

Be on the look out for our next show!

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In the Press

Overall Langley High School's "Real Talk" was well developed and impactful. Together Peacock, the ensemble, and tech were able to create an emotional and relatable performance. Just like Langley High School's "Real Talk," remember to be yourself and don't be afraid to have a real talk.

"Real Talk" is an inspiring tale about passion, reminding audiences that our parent's path is not necessarily our own. Through conversations with mentors, friends, and therapists, we can begin traveling down our own path.

Diego Salazar Jara of Justice High School,

Max Belmar of Justice High School,

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